How to Apply for IRB Review

The SKC IRB review process is designed to comply with federal regulations and college concerns for protection of human subjects and cultural intellectual property rights of the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes. More information about each step in the review process is provided below. If you have further questions contact the SKC IRB Chairman or Secretary.

Electronic copies of the documents and forms for the SKC IRB are available online. IRB Forms

Step 1.  Determine whether your proposed research is subject to review by the SKC IRB.

Step 2.  Determine the potential risks associated with your research or grant activity. Select the appropriate level of review required for your project. The details of the review process are different for each level of review:

Step 3. If you have not completed SKC approved human subject research training and cultural protection training within the last three years go to the link on the left, Training in Ethical Research. Follow the steps listed there.

Step 4.  Prepare the SKC IRB Protocol and submit the form to the SKC IRB Secretary. Include copies of the informed consent forms and any surveys, interview guides, testing instruments, questionnaires, or other relevant information. You also must submit documentation of Human Subjects Protection Training. If full IRB review is needed, all application materials must be submitted at least one week before the next scheduled IRB meeting.

If the application is part of a proposal to an outside funding agency, attach a copy of the funding proposal. Information regarding any other approvals that have been or will be obtained (e.g. school districts, other universities, other CS&KT agencies) should be attached, and should be on the cooperating agency’s letterhead and signed by the appropriate official. If you have research partners outside of SKC you, as the principal investigator, must also assure that your collaborators fully meet human subject protection standards.

Step 5.  Only after receiving written notification of approval from the IRB may you begin data collection or grant activity. In certain cases the IRB may require researchers to provide updates to the IRB or require an independent audit to assure approved protocols are being followed.

Step 6. Every study approved by the SKC IRB will be reviewed one year after the approval date. If the study is completed within one year, please submit the Final Report using the form available online at this site. If the study is continuing, the IRB application should be renewed by submitting a written request for renewal to the Salish Kootenai College IRB Board. Depending on the nature of the approved research, the IRB may require you renew your IRB application more frequently than yearly If your research or grant protocol changes or if you wish to make changes to the approved protocol, you must resubmit a proposal for IRB approval for the changes before implementing the new protocols.

NOTE: You are required to immediately report any unanticipated problems involving risks to human subjects or others that arise to the IRB. Should your IRB approval be suspended or terminated you must immediately inform the funding agency supporting your research and any applicable regulatory body.

NOTE: You must keep complete records of the disposition of the informed consent for each human subject, including both signed consent forms from participants that consent to participate as well as records of potential participants that chose not to participate.